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Girls Tennis Academy

Girls Tennis Academy

GTA is all about educating mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles, grandparents, teachers, sports coaches, tennis coaches, community coaches and PE teachers.

How we will help you:

  1. To get an understanding of the “bigger picture” and purpose for WHY girls should learn play tennis.
  2. Show you how to teach tennis to girls.
  3. Share our knowledge about Health & fitness for girls.


Girls Tennis Academy was founded by Alison Scott.

Alison Scott is a former top 10 Australian tennis player and top 100 WTA player.  She’s played at all four Grand Slam events, totalling 20 events throughout her professional career, and has represented Australia numerous times.  Alison is now one of Australia’s leading tennis coaches and has a particular passion for, and focus on, girls tennis.  She is very influential with her students, and gets rapid results because of her ability to identify what needs to be changed, what it needs to change to, and how to change it.

She is a speaker, educator, trainer, mentor and commentator.

We encourage you to receive our free training materials and to consider using our products and services to help you maximize your skills and knowledge.


Just imagine your daughter travelling around the world knowing she can visit any tennis club and be involved immediately in a social network of people with at least one common interest.

As a female it’s very important to us that we take care about the environment we hang out in. Tennis is a sport you will find offers a lot of opportunity to meet good people from all walks of life.

By setting up your daughter/niece/ granddaughter/student to learn these skills – it opens up a whole new world of abundance and exciting adventures and will provide her with a social outlet not available otherwise.

It will also open communication lines to boys/men that will allow her to stand up with self confidence. As tennis is not a sport just based on physical contact, pure strength and power rather skills, tactics, technique and mental strength – it evens the playing field for all involved.

Tennis is a world wide sport and offers the possibility of work opportunities as a coach – at home and/or while travelling.

She will learn life skills based around: Integrity, commitment, persistence, self confidence, practise, learn how to win and learn how to lose (as both are important to understand). Personal ethics, concentration/focus, never give up, understand personal and physical discipline. Have fun, build friendships, and joy while learning and not take herself too seriously.

To enjoy the journey of life through tennis is so parallel to life itself. What happens on the court is quite often similar to what happens in your life off the court.
Tennis is like a torch! It high lights areas that you may not see just through everyday life. Tennis gives you immediate feedback; it’s honest and straight up…Such an exciting sport!

Here are a number of points to start with:

1. Learn hand-eye coordination
2. Meet People and make new friends
3. Build Physical strength
4. Learn life skills: How to win & lose & persist/never give up
5. Develop their personal communication skills
6. Can play with friends anywhere in the world.
7. Tennis is a sport you can play for a lifetime!

Welcome to Girls Tennis Academy. We hope you stay connected to us as we continue to learn, how to increase the awareness and participation and friendships of girls tennis around the world.
Please accept my invitation to join us for updates, videos, podcasts, training & coaching by completing the form below.

Kind regards,

Alison Scott.